"Once the fox told the Little Prince that one saw clearly only with the heart and what was essential was invisible to the eye. They were talking about love, actually. Silvia Tomanova shapes and materializes this feeling out of earth. One could say that her art is truly visible to the hands. The glazed surface, the roughness, each roundedness and curve are born in the incredible love and patience this author puts into her work. She is able to make something personal and unique even out of the most ordinary utilitarian objects. The function here refers to the ritual, where the aesthetic experience overrides any necessity. Silvia Tomanova's art encompasses successfully the whole rich spectrum of ceramics. She creates anything - from utensils with crafty decorations, funny drawings on the glaze and comfortable handles, to wall panels and abstract patterns displaying the material's roughest look and color. A real proof that applied arts can be applied to beauty. At the same time, regardless of the various transformations, her ceramic art is always marked by her specific style. Whether it is a drawing, or a color combination, whether it is the way edges are rounded, or the glazing applied, you can always feel the care and smile there that are so typical of this author. But what is most important to her is to never stop creating. Her unique skills take her to new levels of her potential every time, discovering new challenges in new materials."
                                                                                                                     Svetlana Kuiumdjieva